Responsible Business Practices

Tessler & Weiss/ Premesco Inc. (“T&W”) is a premier provider of fine jewelry products established since 1936. Our site is located in Union Township, New Jersey, and employs approximately 155 personnel. T&W is committed to upholding our long tradition of creating superior quality products for our customers.  In doing so, we not only maintain a supply chain that sources, processes and delivers products of the highest quality and value,  but do so in a manner that is ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

Our organization is a Member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (“RJC”) currently undergoing formal certification. The RJC is a standards-setting organization that has been established to advance responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices throughout the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewelry supply chain. The RJC has developed a benchmark standard for the jewelry supply chain and credible mechanisms for verifying responsible business practices through third party auditing.

As a RJC Member, we commit to operating our business in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices. We commit to integrating ethical, human rights, social and environmental considerations into our day-to-day operations, business planning activities and decision making processes.

We take pride in the fact that our team members highlight the values of ethics and integrity in our business practices. These qualities are reflected in our products which meet the highest and most stringent industry standards, and are in compliance with not only RJC standards but also with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

T&W abides by each of the relevant local laws and regulations pertaining to fair business practices and is a responsible corporate citizen that contributes to the local community.

We encourage and require that each of our business partners conduct their business in a manner that complies with our high standards.